Event Insurance – New Product

Posted on February 12, 2013 Insurance Products

Welcome to the start of the 2013 season where things are already hotting up !

Now Looking back I think its fair to say that for many people in the industry 2012 was a bit of a wash out, to say the least. We had the wettest summer since some dude called Noah rocked up and the Royal Wedding meant that many events were cancelled or squeezed into a tiny time window. And just when we thought wed got through the worst of it the Olympics came along and distracted many buyers at just the wrong time.

So here’s some GOOD NEWS to start the 2013 season : Were currently working on a new product for marquee hire companies that will mean that you’ll be able to buy your event  or wedding insurance and great equipment insurance in one go.

Keep a close eye out for the next big thing in marquee insurance from marqueeinsurance.co.uk